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Cate White in her studio, Mendocino, CA, 2021.
Introducing... Cate White

Our upcoming group exhibition “Shapeshifters“ will include paintings by the California-based artist, Cate White, who we've so enjoyed getting to know. By way of introduction, Cate sat down with us to talk about how she found her way to painting, her YouTube show, “How Do You Paint,” and the “mystical visions” that inspire her work.

Katherine Sherwood in her studio, Rodeo, CA
In the Studio with Katherine Sherwood
December 2020

A year after her first exhibition at the gallery, with a pandemic in between, we spoke with Katherine Sherwood about her ongoing series of “Brain Flowers,” working in lockdown and what to expect from her in the coming year.

Diane at 70
Back To School
Enrique Chagoya, Diane Edison, Amer Kobaslija and Andrew Lenaghan September 2020

With summer turning into fall, the “back to school” season is on us though under radically different circumstances than ever before. Last spring, those of our artists who are also full-time professors had to make the abrupt and difficult transition to online teaching.

Kija Lucas 'November 18 2013'
Kija Lucas on 'Collections from Sundown'
September 2020

We asked photographer Kija Lucas to share some insights on her collaborative process and specifically the work from her series, Collections from Sundown which are part of our current exhibition Documents.

Kevin Frances working on his installation 'Superpositions'
Kevin Frances on 'Superpositions'
July 2020

For Documents, we invited Kevin Frances to create an installation in the side gallery, of the (totally impressive and detailed) scale models he uses as a basis for his photographs and prints.

Tony May working on an installation at his San Jose property
Home Improvements with Tony May
July 2020

Tony recently took a break from construction on his latest endeavor to speak with us from his painting studio.

Studio with Air Filter II
From the studio of Amer Kobaslija
Orlando, Florida May 2020

While isolating at home with his family, Amer Kobaslija has discovered inspiration in the experience, painting away in a self-described "fever state" expanding on his recent series of figures set in the Florida landscape and revisiting an old subject: his own studio.

Enrique Chagoya Discusses Sheltering-In-Place on Square Cylinder
Enrique Chagoya Discusses Sheltering-In-Place on Square Cylinder
Shelter-in-Place Chronicles: Artists Speak April 2020

Square Cylinder reached out to artists and writers, to talk about life during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. As part of the series, Enrique Chagoya shares his thoughts while sheltering-in-place at home with his wife, artist Kara Maria. 

Diane Edison at her Studio
Diane Edison at her Studio
Athens, Georgia April 2020

We recently checked in with Diane Edison who is adjusting to working from home in Athens, GA.

Chris Ballantyne at his Studio
Chris Ballantyne at his Studio
Orlando, Florida March 2020

We checked in with Chris Ballantyne, who is away from his studio but hard at work nonetheless.

Tony May at his San Jose Studio
Tony May at his San Jose Studio
The T.Treehouse Project March 2020

Our first Online Studio Visit brings us to San Jose, California where Tony May shows us how to REALLY work from home.