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On H. C. Westermann
On H. C. Westermann
Exploring the man, the artist and his legacy October 2021

In conjunction with our current exhibition of works on paper by H. C. Westermann: Le Bandeur, we spoke to a range of people who knew Westermann in life or through his work, about who he was as a person, an artist and why his work continues to resonate, thirty years after his death at the age of 59.

Human Fly
An Enduring Legacy
George Adams on H. C. Westermann and his lasting influence June 2021

The gallery’s legacy going back to 1952 is inextricably linked to  H. C. Westermann. There is no way to overstate his impact on the gallery both in terms of his art and his personality; both are equivalent.

38 Walker Street exterior
A Short History of the Gallery
June 2021

Preparing for our move has given us reason to look back through our archives at the gallery’s many decades in New York.

Jeremy Anderson 'Untitled'
Jeremy Anderson: Truth in a Tangible Form
January 2021

Though Jeremy Anderson is often placed in a lineage of avant-garde thought which can be traced back to the Cubism and Surrealism of a half-century prior, his own concept of sculpture as an art form went well beyond any physical limitations.

Joan Brown in her studio c. 1981
Remembering Joan
November 2020

We are pleased to share our video series reflecting on the impact Joan Brown had as a person and an artist, both during her lifetime and after her death.

Joan Brown 'Self-Portrait with Gorilla and Wolf'
Discovering the Self
George Adams reflects on organizing Joan Brown’s Memorial Exhibition October 26, 2020

October 26, 2020, is the 30th anniversary of Joan Brown's death at age 52 in Prasanthinilayam, India, 1990. George Adams recounts organizing her memorial exhibition, which opened at the gallery in September of the following year.

Jack Beal 'Untitled (Drawing from the Form Book)'
Jack Beal: Finding "Form"
August 2020

Though it is easy to remember Jack Beal solely for the role he played in re-affirming the figure as a subject of contemporary painting, a more complex side of his legacy is what lead him to the idealized, modeled affect of his best-known works.

Exhibition announcement for the 'German Portrait Drawings,' 1980.
From Corinth to Saul
George Adams on the legacy of Allan Frumkin and value of drawings August 2020

"A side of the gallery that is perhaps not well known but no less central to the gallery’s history and reputation is drawings."

Joan Brown in her studio 1980
Visiting Joan
George Adams on getting to know Joan Brown June 2020

Most of the gallery’s relationships with our artists stretch back decades and, while their work is always paramount in our minds, it is often the personal experiences which stand out most. Here, George Adams recalls such moments with Joan Brown.

Online Viewing Room
Online Viewing Room
June 2020

We are pleased to present our first online viewing room, as part of the ADAA Member Viewing Rooms in collaboration with Artlogic.

Andrew Lenaghan page from sketchbook 2020
Andrew Lenaghan Presents...
Sketchbook Tour May 2020

When Andy told us he had just completed another sketchbook, we asked him to give us a virtual "tour". This book was started last summer and takes us through vacations, the school year, changing seasons and, in the final pages, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robert Arneson visits Pollock's tomb
Robert Arneson Visits the Pollock-Krasner House
Spring, East Hampton, New York, Fall 1991 May 2020

In 1991, George Adams accompanied Robert Arneson and his wife, Sandra Shannonhouse on a visit to the Pollock-Krasner House, former home and studio of painters Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner.

SFAI College Catalog cover 1970-81
A Tribute to the San Francisco Art Institute
Part IV: the 1970s May 2020

As SFAI passed its first centennial in 1971, the experimentation and innovation of years prior was increasingly a defining characteristic of the school.

A Tribute to the San Francisco Art Institute
A Tribute to the San Francisco Art Institute
Part III: the 1960s April 2020

In 1961, CSFA changed its name to the San Francisco Art Institute. Under this new identity, the school continued to evolve, expanding programming to include the multi-media and conceptual disciplines that were beginning to take form in the arts.

First Studio Visit with Luis Cruz Azaceta
First Studio Visit with Luis Cruz Azaceta
Ridgewood, Queens, 1981 April 2020

In the early 1980s, Luis Cruz Azaceta was living and working out of a small studio in Ridgewood, Queens. George Adams recalls his first time visiting Luis’ studio and the impression he made.

A Tribute to the San Francisco Art Institute
A Tribute to the San Francisco Art Institute
Part II: the 1950s April 2020

As we continue to celebrate the history of the San Francisco Art Institute and its alumni, one of the school’s most enduring (and important) legacies has been the fostering of communities that extend beyond the classroom.

A Tribute to the San Francisco Art Institute
A Tribute to the San Francisco Art Institute
Part I: the 1940s April 2020

With the San Francisco Art Institute’s recent announcement that it may be forced to close, we wanted to take the opportunity over the next few weeks to highlight just how critical the Institute has been in shaping art in the Bay Area and beyond.

Luis Cruz Azaceta Studio Tour
Luis Cruz Azaceta Studio Tour
Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, Louisiana April 2020

Here is the full video of our Online Studio Visit with Luis Cruz Azaceta! Azaceta gives us a tour of his “bunker” as he discusses the beginnings of his career in New York, his history with the gallery and his current exhibition.