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Sandy Winters: Fresh Cuts
Sandy Winters: Fresh Cuts
Sandy Winters: Fresh Cuts
Sandy Winters: Fresh Cuts
Sandy Winters: Fresh Cuts
Sandy Winters: Fresh Cuts
Sandy Winters: Fresh Cuts

Press Release

Fresh Cuts
Mar 6 - Mar 28, 1998

During March the George Adams Gallery will exhibit two new, large-scale, multi-media installations bySandy Winters. In both works Winters explores the possibilities of collage on a very large scale:Fresh Cuts measures over 45 feet long by 10 feet high, while In Progress is approximately 8 feet high by 15 feet long - at the outset.

In Fresh Cuts, Winters paints and draws on a wide variety of materials, including aluminum sheet, cardboard, wood, newspaper and wire. The installation mimics the architecture of the space by jumping or closing gaps in the walls, projecting out from the walls, onto the ceiling beams or onto the floor. While Winters' imagery continues to refer to nature and technology, in this work the drawing is more spare than in the past in a way that gives greater emphasis to the materials she is working on.

In the gallery's smaller room, Winters will create a second site-specific work, titled In Progress, that will be intentionally left unfinished. Winters has long been interested in the process by which a work is created, and to that end In Progress will reveal in the gallery what usually occurs only in the privacy of the studio. Winters will invite the gallery staff to arbitrarily erase parts of the work several times over the course of the exhibition, forcing her to reinvent whole sections of the piece. Winters' intention is to establish a dialogue between the viewer and the artist by making them partner to her creative process.

Exhibition Checklist

Main Gallery Installation

Fresh Cuts, 1997-98
aluminum, canvas, cardboard, charcoal, graphite, newspaper, oil stick installation
9 1/2 x 50 feet

Small Gallery Installation

In Progress, 1998
pastel on acrylic wood (three panels)
84 x 48 inches


1.  Vacuum,1997, oil stick on paper, 22 x 30 inches

2.  The Keeper, 1997, oil stick on paper, 30 x 22 inches

3.  Untitled, 1997, oil stick on paper, 30 x 44 inches

4.  Slapper, 1997, oil stick on paper, 30 x 64 inches