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James Valerio D.D.
James Valerio Steve
James Valerio Fowl
James Valerio Broken Jar
James Valerio Evasive
James Valerio Fear
James Valerio Dandelion Dream
James Valerio Frances
James Valerio Two Models on Studio Floor
James Valerio Tom's Choice
James Valerio Self-Portrait

Press Release

New Paintings and Drawings,
Apr 3 - May 15, 1999

During April and May the George Adams Gallery will present a survey of paintings and drawings byJames Valerio. The exhibition features four large-scale figure paintings and ten still-life and figure drawings in graphite all made between 1974 and 1998. 

Over the past 25 years, James Valerio has articulated a way of looking at the world around him that is entirely his own. His paintings, always large enough to walk into, are realistic depictions of figures and still-life set-ups derived from photographic sources. Inevitably, however, the impact of Valerio's realism gives way to the realization that his true intent is to depict a psychologically charged scene by combining intricate compositions with often grotesque images.

For example, Frances(1974) and Tom's Choice (1991) both depict figures in intimate interior settings; in each case Valerio  emphasizes pock-marked flesh and clashing patterns and colors that are at odds with the figure's setting in order to establish a psychological tension. Dandelion Dreams (1995) andModels on the Studio Floor (1998), each depict a pair of figures with total realism although the vantage point is, inexplicably, from above. In fact, in spite of Valerio's intense attention to detail  -  note, for example, the tatoo and piercing on the female model in Two Models on Studio Floor - the painting is actually a study of the effects of light and color. In the case of the drawings, Valerio lavishes great attention on the most unexpected subjects, for example a whole, raw chicken placed on a pedestal or a bath towel rendered so meticulously that it almost becomes a landscape. 

Exhibition Checklist

Clockwise from the right:

1. Fowl, 1994 
graphite on paper
23 x 27 5/8 inches
JVd 17

2. D.D., 1996 
pencil on paper
29 x 23 inches
JVd 25

3. Two Models on Studio Floor, 1998 
oil on canvas
90 x 100 inches
JVp 17

4. Fear, 1995 
pencil on paper
25 x 20 inches
JVd 28

5. Dandelion Dream, 1995 
oil on canvas
92 x 110 inches
JVp 13

6.  Evasive, 1995 
pencil on paper
17 1/2  x 17 1/2  inches
JVd 27

7. Tom's Choice, 1991 
oil on canvas
72 x 84 inches
JVp 04

8. Self-Portrait, 1998 
graphite on paper
21 13/16 x  24 3/4 inches
JVd 13

9.  Frances, 1974 
oil on canvas
86 x 72 inches
JVp 15

10. Steve, 1990 
pencil on paper
29 x 23 inches
JVd 07

11. Broken Jar, 1994 
graphite on paper
23 x 26 1/2 inches
JVd 21