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Diane Edison Robbiatu, 2005
Joan Brown Smoker, 1973
Michael Ferris Jr.
Lesley Dill Smoke, 2005
Gabriela Trzebinski Net, 2004
Yoan Capote Against, 2004
Andrew Lenaghan Plum Beach Dunes, 2005
Amer Kobaslija The Last Flower of Carnage, 2005
Jack Beal The Return of Spring (Study for Times Square Subway Mosaic), 1997
James Valerio David, 2004
Joyce Treiman Venice VII, 1978
Anthony Kulig Catherine, 2006
Peter Saul Picasso's 'Girl in a Mirror' #2, 1978
Sandy Winters In Too Deep, 2005
H.C. Westermann See America First #15, 1968
James McGarrell Haystack, 2002
Roy De Forest
James Barsness Hum, 2004
Robert Arneson Crazy Nuke, 1986
Enrique Chagoya Double Agent, 1989

Press Release

During February, George Adams Gallery will offer an overview of the gallery's eclectic programming with a group exhibition of new and vintage works. Artists in the exhibition include Robert Arneson, James Barsness, Jack Beal, Jose Bedia, Joan Brown, Yoan Capote, Enrique Chagoya, Roy DeForest, Lesley Dill, Diane Edison, Andrew Lenaghan, James McGarrell, Peter Saul, Joyce Treiman, James Valerio, HC Westermann and Sandy Winters.  The show will also introduce the work of three artists new to the gallery roster: Michael Ferris, Amer Kobaslija, and Gabriela Trzebinski.  

Highlights include new paintings by James Barsness, Andrew Lenaghan, and Sandy Winters, a new sculpture by Yoan Capote, a new fabric work by Lesley Dill, and a black and white portrait drawing by Diane Edison. Other works in the exhibition include a 1981 Arneson bronze and ceramic self-portrait, Jack Beal's large oil study for his MTA mural at Times Square, Jose Bedia?s "El otro llado," a five-part painting from 1992, and Joan Brown?s "Smoker," a cardboard cutout from 1973. Chagoya will be represented by "Double Agent," one of his large charcoal drawings from 1989, Saul by a study for his 1992 portrait of Jeffrey Dahmer, and DeForest  by  a large-scale canvas from 1978.

The exhibition will also debut the work of three new artists: Michael Ferris's three-dimensional portrait busts in wood marquetry; Amer Kobaslija's paintings of his studio; and Gabriela Trzebinski's oils depicting aspects of life in East Africa.

Exhibition Checklist

Clockwise from the reception desk:

1. James McGarrell
    Haystack, 2002
    oil on linen
    10 x 10 inches
    JMp 86

2. Roy DeForest
    Embarking on The Sea of The Bleeding Hare, 1978
    acrylic on canvas
    65 3/4 x 84 1/2 inches
    RDp 25

3. Gabriela Trzebinski
    Net, 2004
    acrylic on canvas
    85 1/2 x 47 inches
    GTp 7

4. James Barsness
    Hum, 2004
    ballpoint pen and gesso on canvas
    49 13/16x 67 7/8 inches
    JBARp 47

5. Michael Ferris
    Sam, 2005
    recycled wood, acrylic pigmented grout
    41 x 35 x 17 inches
    MFers 2

6. Jose Bedia
    En El Tronco de un Arbol una Nina, 1999
    acrylic on canvas
    94 x 69 1/2 inches
    JoBp 77

7. H.C. Westermann          
    See America First # 15,1968
    ink, watercolor on paper
    22 x 30 inches
    HCWd 13

8. Robert Arneson     
    Crazy Nuke, 1986
    glazed ceramic, chalk, wood base
    82 x 27 x 29 inches
    RAs 116

9. Enrique Chagoya
    Double Agent, 1989
    charcoal, pastel on paper
    80 x 80 inches
    ECd 30

10. Anthony Kulig
      Catherine, 2006
      plaster relief
      16 x 12 1/2 inches
      AKuls 9

11. Yoan Capote
      Against, 2004
      steel and wood
      24 x 92 1/2 x 13 inches
      YCs 16

12. Lesley Dill
      Smoke, 2005
      thread and ink on silk, cotton
      46 x 82 inches
      LDs 214

13. Joan Brown
      Smoker, 1973
      cardboard, oil enamel, wire, string,
       and stone bead
      21 1/2 x 16 x 8 1/4 inches
      JBRs 3

Exhibition continues in the Drawing Gallery...

Clockwise from South Wall:

14. Joyce Treiman
      Venice VII, 1978
      oil on linen
      54 1/2 x 42 1/2  inches
      JTp 02

15. Diane Edison
      Robbiatu, 2005
     colored pencil on paper
     30 x 22 1/4 inches
     DEd 34

16. Andrew Lenaghan
     Plum Beach Dunes, 2005
     oil on panel
     20 x 48 inches
     AnLp 406

17. James Valerio
     David, 2004
     pencil on paper
     30 1/2 x 25 inches
     JVd 52

18. Amer Kobaslija
     The Last Flower of Carnage, 2005
     oil on panel
     44 x 58 inches
     AKop 23

19. Jack Beal
     The Return of Spring, 1997
     Study for Times Square Subway Mosaic
     oil on canvas
     53 3/4 x129 inches
     JBp 41

Front Window:
     Peter Saul
     Picasso's 'Girl in a Mirror' #2, 1978
     acrylic on board
     40 x 30 inches

Behind the Reception Desk:

    Sandy Winters
    In Too Deep, 2005
    oil, block prints on aluminum
    24 x 24 x 2 inches
    SWp 49