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Hearne Pardee on Enrique Chagoya for The Brooklyn Rail

Hearne Pardee has penned an insightful review of Borderless, our exhibition of paintings, prints, and drawings by Enrique Chagoya. 

"While the robust paintings draw from the tradition of Mexican murals, the intricate linework of Chagoya’s codices like El Popol Vuh de la Abuelita del Ahuizote (The Community Book of King Ahuizote’s Granny) (2021) channels the work of Mayan scribes who created the eighteenth-century Popol Vuh, or 'community book,' an archive of Mayan history."

Pardee succinctly describes Chagoya's subject matter and style, stating, "Raised in Mexico, where [Chagoya] studied economic theory (and his artist father worked for the Central Bank identifying counterfeit currency), Chagoya packs images with irony and dialectical rigor that convey submerged outrage."