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Installation view, Chris Ballantyne, 'Temporal: Recent Paintings and Watercolors,' George Adams Gallery, New York, 2019.

Installation View, Chris Ballantyne, Temporal: Recent Paintings and Watercolors, George Adams Gallery, New York, 2019.

Chris Ballantyne was interviewed by critic Cody Delistraty for Modern Painters Magazine on his solo exhibition Temporal: Recent Paintings and Watercolors. Delistraty writes "Ballantyne’s unpopulated landscape paintings maintain the vestiges of humanity in their architecture and buildings, but they ultimately question where this development is taking us, and how we’ve come to relate to nature."

Ballantyne elaborates, "When you’re in the city, like in San Francisco, maybe New York, that’s where people are always in apartments, living in new situations. Also, the landscape itself is different and changing — sort of like with climate change and any kind of environmental change too."