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Andrew Lenaghan's recent sketchbook, May 2020



Sketchbook tour by Andrew Lenaghan, May 2020

"Sometimes nothing is better, at least in my opinion, than a really fast life painting."


When Andy told us he had just completed another sketchbook, we asked him to give us a virtual "tour". This book was started last summer and takes us through vacations, the school year, changing seasons and, in the final pages, the COVID pandemic. A few years ago Andy began thinking of these sketchbooks as a kind of visual diary, experimenting with composition and technique as a looser, more spontaneous prelude to his larger paintings. More importantly they became a way for him to engage with his subjects in real time, as he transitioned to painting in the studio, rather than from life. For the tour, Andy takes us through his sketchbook page-by-page, explaining the secnes, sharing anecdotes and his thoughts on each painting. 


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