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Amer Kobaslija, Studio Painting with Chair and Ladder, 2005.


Amer Kobaslija, Studio Painting with Chair and Ladder, 2005. Oil on panel, 71 3/4 x 96 inches (diptych).

An artwork we've been thinking of recently is Amer Kobaslija's Painter's Floor with Chair and Ladder, 2005.


Kobaslija’s first major body of work documented private, empty spaces, particularly artists’ studios. By painting the often cluttered rooms in minute detail, he sought to create a portrait of their absent inhabitants. Over the course of several years, and on increasingly larger scales, he painted both his own and other artists’ studios, as well as vacant restrooms, closets and corridors.


Varied examples of Kobaslija's work are available on his Artist Page.