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Installation View, "Eclectic Ecology," Cummer Museum 2020


Installation View, Eclectic Ecology: Landscape Perspectives from Ponce De León to Florida Man, Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, Jacksonville, Florida, 2020.

Amer Kobaslija is included in a group exhibition at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. Eclectic Ecology: Landscape Perspectives from Ponce De León to Florida Man surveys how artists over time have engaged with the Floridian cultural landscape. Since Jacques le Moyne, the first European artist known to have visited Florida, arrived in 1564, artists have wrestled with how to capture this dichotomy between the natural landscape and its inhabitants in their depictions of the state. In particular, Kobaslija's recent series on the Floridian landscape engages with the history and contemporary culture of the state while dealing with issues such as climate change and the encroachment of urban sprawl on natural oases. The exhibition is on view through December 31, 2020.


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