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Amer Kobaslija, 'Fertile Valley' 2017


Installation view, Amer Kobaslija, The Fear of the Unknown, Galerie zur Matze, Brig, Switzerland, 2017. 

Amer Kobaslija's upcoming solo exhibition The Fear of the Unknown opens September 16th at the Galerie zur Matze in Brig, Switzerland and will run through October 22nd. The show is a part of the 2017 Wallis Triennale, a national exhibition which focuses on Swiss art, as well as other European artists. Kobaslija was invited to represent Brig after his residency last year at AiR Brig.


Amer Kobaslija shows his impressions of the A9 highway detention relay in Martigny, Switzerland in the form of a monumental landscape oil painting titled, Fertile Valley. During his residency at AiR Brig, Kobaslija became interested in painting landscapes of scenery in and around Brig, capturing the changes in weather and light. His landscapes may be interpreted as mindscapes as he accurately depicts scenery while simultaneously adding his own personal connection to the region. The painting exhibited is opposite a large-format projection which consists of images uploaded from the visitors of the 2017 Triennale. Visitors are encouraged to capture their own impressions of the work and to upload the images to the Kunstverein to be projected in the gallery.


For more information, visit the exhibition website here.